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Juicing for Health -Day 89 of my 100 Day Juice Feast! Happy Thanksgiving, Friends! I made a big meal …

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Juicing for Weightloss -Do you know what is the #1 question I get ask when I tell people I use to be …

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Juicing for Weightloss -#111angelnumber

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Juicing for Weightloss -Maxim Hometown Hottie’s @nikkiblades using her BlendJet to mix in her pre- …

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Juicing for Health -So excited the #wheatgrass is #growing! #antioxidant #antiinflammatory #juice co …

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Juicing for Health -Make sure you have a zinger of a weekend with our ‘Lemon Ginger Zinger’ alka …

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Juicing for Health -I am a true believer that the challenges we experience are set for us because on …